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41st Annual Meet – The Rainiest one on record!
Sunday, the 3rd of June, 2018
Lilypons Water Gardens - Adamstown, Maryland
By: John M. Tokar, Chairman, OCBD 2018

Yes, BCD has always been a rain or shine event so the show was on! In addition to the rainy weather, there were many other obstacles to overcome this year. They included a Frederick County permit frenzy, a grass cutting nightmare and changes to set up a new spectator parking location. In spite of the many days of drenching rain (up to 10 inches!) that fell on Adamstown days before and during the show, we were able to pull it off as a fairly successful event! We had over 65 cars on the show field before the day ended at about 1:30 pm. There was a good turn-out of TVR’s on the field from near and far as the national club used our show for their annual gathering venue. There were also a number of other British marques that braved the elements including a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, a concourse MGA coupe, some vintage Triumphs and other assorted MGs and Jaguars. Included are some photos showing the cars that did not mind the British weather!

There were three major rain events that occurred during the day, with the wettest one being just before the awards were announced. The climax was when 100 or so loyal participants assembled for the awards ceremony in the Lilypons main warehouse. Mike Hughes announced the winners and Laurel Tokar handed out the awards in a dry environment, which was fully appreciated by all! The winners are listed at the end of this article.

Some of you may not realize the amount of work it takes to put on a show of this magnitude: in good weather or bad. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that helped make the show possible this year. I will do my best to acknowledge everyone so forgive me if I omitted anyone! Here goes:

  • On-Line Registration: Laurel Tokar & Hayden Olenik (TVR Club main contact)

  • Program Booklet Design & Layout: Melina Tokar Nelson

  • Field Layout, Signage & Ground Staging: John Hambleton, Jim Bradley, Steve Bernheisel, Lin Snider, Rick Trawick, Shaun English, Ace Sarich, Mark Brown, Steve Woodall, Ben Roth (from TVR Club)

  • Tent Crew: Lin Snider, Steve Zuiderveen (my railroad/train friend) & Dan Wolf (from Vintage)

  • Car Parking & Ground Control: Lin Snider & Jim Bradley

  • Gate Keeping & Traffic Control: Ralph Cattaneo, Doug Cattaneo & Mark Brown

  • Spectator Parking: Linganore Band Boosters, Steve Bernheisel, Rick Trawick, John Debelius & Mark Brown

  • Drive-in Registration: Mike Hughes, Lucy Hughes, Bob Eicher & Judy Curtis

  • Pre-Registration: Sue Snyder & Siobhan Kosko

  • Vote Tally & Awards: Laurel Tokar, Ginny Tokar & Don Buhler

  • Regalia Sales: Steve Woodall, Barbara VanOver & Shaun English

  • BCD Trailer Transportation: Chris Kosko (Lotus Club) & Steve Zuiderveen

  • Break-Down/Clean-Up Crew: Steve Bernheisel, Ace Sarich, Laurel Tokar, Ginny Tokar &
    Steve Zuiderveen

I’m pleased to report that although Mother Nature did not provide us with the best weather conditions we were able to hold the show as scheduled. I was very surprised and pleased that OBCD has such a loyal following in spite of the rain and wet field. Many thanks again to all who contributed as participants and volunteers to make the event happen and be successful!

As with any position in life there comes a time where one must decide on how to chart the future. I regret that this will be my last year as Chairman of this historic British car show. In closing, it has been a pleasure and an honor to have served in this capacity for over the last 20 some years. I wish my predecessor good luck and have hopes that The Original British Car Day will continue well into the future!

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